Review of DQ (Blog 13)

The book starts out pretty well, with a guy who loves books (who doesn’t like such a character?) attempting to live out the fantasies he’s encountered in the narratives. There’s a lot of fun humor, with slapstick jokes and outlandish speeches; his squire, Sancho, is a very good counterpoint to DQ’s craziness, and turns the novel into a really fun “stoner” comedy of sorts with two playing excellently off each other. And there are also a lot of fun adventures and misadventures, with some vicious beatings for the heroes. Eventually, however, the book starts to grow repetitive, recycling the same idea that he’s a madman and a poor knight and a fool that’s lost grips with reality and doesn’t know what he’s doing or even what Age he’s living in. And, of course, every chapter seems to end with his getting beat up. The writing is definitely very enjoyable, and the journey is a lot of fun, but I think it could have been accomplished in half the pages by doing some good hard editing. (***1/2)

This is like the DQ scene where they throw up on each other. Warning: bad language!

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