A Layered Review of Omaha (Blog 14)

I think the concept of having a character in the story call the author and begin to dictate terms in simply marvelous. The vulgarity and filthy humor and abundance of sexual activities is a bit overblown, but overall pretty funny and enjoyable. But if the author had butted in one more time to present his pretentious views on how dumb people are and what proper literature should be I was going to burn the book (Huh! Blasphemy!). He stops the story dead in its tracks so many times that he basically destroys all narrative flow. His writing style is fluid and reads really nicely and quickly, but his freaking intrusiveness ruined any chance this story had of being good. What a waste! And for that I assign this book (**).

-I totally agree with your review. The amount of stars is a bit low cause I’ve enjoyed the story. It’s true the sexuality was a bit much, but in its excessiveness I found humor. You’re totally right the narrator gave his opinion way too many times, it became annoying.

-His intrusiveness was completely insane and a killer for me too. Most of the time I just wanted him to go away as I felt his presence just put a stop to the book and just ended up being a tedious ranting session for him.

-I agree. Two stars is generous. The story was just a shallow excuse for his fifth grade psychology. Did this guy minor in psych in college? I was uninterested in the ending when it finally arrived.

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