Final Return to this Terrible Story About Almost Dying, this time with some narratalogical tinkering (Blog 11)

Lucas’s there, teetering on the edge; a light breeze, a falling leaf, and he’ll drop to the raging (okay, not raging) river (okay, maybe a stream) and be dashed on the massive row of boulders (okay, maybe loose formation of small rocks) a hundred feet (okay, maybe only fifteen or twenty feet) below. Holy smokes, this is not going to have a happy ending. It’s hard to believe his stupidity had driven him to this point, but in the fuzzy remembrances associated with imminent demise he seems to recall this all somehow being his fault. Damn, if only he had someone else to blame. He remembers biking for the park with his sister. There was a house along the way; he remembers that too. And a dog. Yes, a dog! A vicious dog with monstrous teeth. He can see him now, the dog, up on his hind legs, right before him, as if watching with bated breath to see if he would fall. The bastard! This was entirely the dog’s fault. The dog went after his sister. Yes, that sounds familiar. He ran at her and she freaked out. And then Lucas decided to be brave, and he barked to catch the dog’s attention. Really and truly idiotic, in hindsight. The dog just ran at him. And then Lucas biked away. But the dog was fast. He was gaining on Lucas. So Lucas got off his bike and ran for the bridge over the water running through the park. But … But it’s blurry, the remembrance. His balance is failing. He lunged at Lucas, but missed. Lucas dodged him, like a football player avoiding a tackle. Lunge and a miss! See you later! The dog lunged again, and he missed again. Lucas kicked him in the head getting out of the way. And then Lucas saw the brick divider. The divider he’s now on. He jumped onto it. A great jump. Maybe eight or ten feet (possibly three or four). The brick divider with the stones mortared unevenly together; with moss and cracks and all sorts of deadly things meant to disrupt balance. Lucas thought he was safe, but he wasn’t. The dog, the bastard, he tried to jump after him. The dog only got his forepaws up. But Lucas thought he was going to make it. White light! Lucas thought the dog would tackle him. A long tunnel! And Lucas stumbled. A golden gate! He reeled. He’s still reeling. He’s about to fall.

But he doesn’t. Light receding … Lucas regains his balance, kicks the dog in the nose, and the dog runs away (or maybe there was five or ten minutes where his life still hung in the balance).

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